Our focus - Gearing up sales and product development - Medlodi


Gearing up sales and product development

Medlodi focuses on startups in the Medical Device arena, both diagnostic as well as therapeutic.

We welcome business plans in the Cardiovascular and Neurology space, and other areas of unmet clinical need. Those areas where novel artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms can support the medical professional have our primary interest.

Building diagnostic capabilities by means of AI to prevent health issues at a later stage in life is the direction we believe in.

What do we value

  • Sound management in place
    A focused, ambitious management is a prerequisite for success.
  • A unique potential
    Intellectual Property is vital for startups in the life sciences and is a significant driver of value creation.
  • Early stage Start-up
    We typically provide seed capital after the “family and friends” round, either dilutive or non-dilutive.
  • Initially established
    A professional and well-organized company, both legally and financially, is essential in realizing full potential.